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We may collect personal information that you voluntarily provide us while contacting, registering or buying from us like name, email ID, phone #, gender, age, etc., which may be saved in a data base to facilitate serving you. When you make a purchase, we collect payment information like credit/debit card, checking account, bank, PayPal or other such accounts, gift card, driving license or other ID, etc., etc. If you apply for deferred payments/loan, extensive additional information may be collected as per the requisite loan application. Extent of other information collected depends upon how you use our Site/s or services like receiving newsletters, joining a survey, event or a promotion, emailing your family, friend or others, your reviews, etc.,etc. You may not be able to use all the features of the Site/s in absence of some of this information. Additionally, we may collect your purchase history, billing & shipping addresses, etc., etc. Some other technical information like browser, TCP-IP address, operating systems, device, your location, date, time and duration of stay, pages accessed, etc., etc., may automatically be collected through aggregated tracking. This helps us make our Site/s user-friendly and design it/them in a manner so that we are able to serve our Site/s visitors/customers to their maximum possible satisfaction.


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As a strict policy, without the explicit consent of parents'/legal guardians' consent, we do not collect children's personal information if we get to know the Site/s' visitor is a child below 13 years. Even if it has been collected unknowingly, we take all possible steps to delete it at the earliest possible, provided we are made aware of this situation by the parents or the legal guardians of the child. Such information is not used at all except for any personal precautionary measures to safeguard the child's interests as per the prevailing laws. Please contact us if you believe your child has provided us his/her information.


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Any interactions or communications between you and us through various marketing channels or social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc., whether initiated by you or us, directly or indirectly, will be governed by this privacy policy as well as those of that specific social media or marketing channel being used, as applicable, relevantly with respect to various provisions of the respective policy. Depending upon the privacy policy of the social media, etc., in question, relevant to your account, we may access and use some or all of the information, including log-in information, that you provide to such social media. Conversely, the social media in question may also be able to access the information that you provide to us. We have no control over these media or channels and cannot be held liable for anything whatsoever in such a case. Therefore, to manage the privacy of your information, please review the privacy policies/settings options of the social media in question with respect to your account.

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Please contact us for details of third parties with whom we may share your information at the time of your request. We shall provide you the same as extensively as possible. Also, for removal of unwanted information pertaining to California minors below 18 years, please contact us and we shall remove the said information as soon as prectically possible and it will not be available publicly. However, it may not be totally removed from our systems.


This policy may be modified from time to time. The current version in force will automatically show on our Site/s when you log in whether it is any older or any modified version. Therefore, we advise you to check the current version in force whenever you log in. Your usage of the Site/s at any given time automatically implies your agreement to the terms of the Policy effective at that time. Therefore, we notify you to review this Policy as & when you log in so that you are aware of any changes that may have occurred since the last time you logged in.


Please go to “My Account” section of the Site and delete, change or modify whatever information you want to. However, some information may still be kept for any transaction that is still being processed or for maintaining records. Similarly, some emails, etc., which are already in the pipeline, may still go through even after you have made changes to the information in your account.


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If the whole or part/s of our Site/s host (Monarch Rugs) is acquired or sold or merged with or otherwise transferred to a new entity/person, in whatever mode or shape of transaction, your information may be disclosed for valuation or other purposes, as per the terms of such terms Transfer or sale or merger and may ultimately be a part of the assets transferred/sold/merged to such new person or entity.


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